H.C. Trips and Tours

Harman Center 2022 Trips & Tour Guide

Our trip and tours program offers day trips and extended trips for up to two weeks at a time. We travel to sights near-by and to destinations around the world. Our trips include events, plays, and educational adventures. Please take note that even though our tours are tailored for 55 and over, all ages are welcome to travel with us. If you would like a copy, please call and we will mail you our new 2022 Trips and Tours booklet.

HC Trips & Tours 2022 World Travel Catalog

Check out our 2022 World Travel Catalog today! This catalog will have the information for all of the 2022 “big” trips, which also means you can sign-up for them NOW! This will allow everyone who wants to go on some of these trips to put their deposit down and then have plenty of time to make payments before the due date. It also allows for you to plan ahead. Catalogs are available and mailed by request. Call Lori Schatz at (509)576-6405 to have a copy of the catalog mailed to you!

For questions regarding trips,
call Lori at (509)576-6405.

Call 509-575-6166 to reserve your appointment! Appointments are:
9:00am-3:30pm, Monday through Friday!