Chesterley Skatepark

The Chesterley Skatepark is located at Chesterley Park, 40th Avenue and River Road. Opened in 2000. 10,000 square feet.

It features bowl with short snake run, eight-foot quarter pipe, four-foot quarter pipe, six-foot quarter pipe, two-foot ramp, Bauer box, three-foot pyramid, Inline rail, skateboard rail, stairs, and a variety of ramps and walls.





Chesterley - Skatepark_1




Kiwanis Skate Park

Kiwanis Skate Park opened November 3, 2008. Located at the corner of Fair Avenue and Maple Street, its 8,800-square-foot layout is divided into a 4,000-square-foot bowl and a 12-foot-wide streetscape with steps, ramps and rails. The skate park is unique in that it is located under towering 50-year-old trees.


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