Franklin Park

Location:  2101 Tieton Drive


  • Outdoor Swimming Pool
  • Tennis Courts
  • Pickleball Courts
  • Playground with shade structures
  • Rotary Pavilion
  • Tables
  • Restrooms (corner of the pool house)
  • Parking facilities

Franklin Park, the number 1 used park according to our 2011 survey, is full of new construction.  Our local Rotary clubs have graciously donated funding to build a new pavilion (Sunrise Rotary), replace the playground that was demolished in 2011 (Downtown Rotary), and add convenient shade structures on 2 corners of the playground area (Southwest Rotary).  Franklin Park also has the city’s only public outdoor swimming pool that is open from during the summer months.  In addition, Franklin is home to the Outdoor Summer Sunset Concert Series, which is a series of free concerts hosted on Fridays in July and August.  Click HERE to reserve the picnic shelter or pool.

New Playground and Shade Structures – thanks to Downtown Rotary and Southwest Rotary!!

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