“Spring is the time of plans and projects.”

Leo Tolstoy

I thought winter would never end and the late snowy winter really put us behind in parks.  It seemed like all we did in February and much of March was remove snow.  After the snow melted, we had a lot of clean up and the stuff we usually do to get the parks ready for spring got pushed back.  Once spring weather arrived, we felt very behind and have had to play catch up ever since.  I knew once the weather finally got nice, everyone would be excited to get outside and enjoy the parks, including me.

We were able to celebrate the completion on the Randall Park improvement project on May 7th.  It was a great event and a time to be able to thank and recognize all the people that made the park renovation a possibility.  I cannot express my appreciation and gratitude enough for the efforts that were made to improve this park.  How quickly we forget the old parking lots and walkways that were literally falling apart.  Anyone remember the old restroom?  So glad that is gone.  It really makes me so happy to see people enjoying the improved Randall Park.

Tressa Stadel, Dr. John Adkison, Kaleen Cottingham from RCO, Council Member Kay Funk, Rep. Chris Corry, Council Member Holly Cousens, David Mulalley, Rod Bryant and City Manager Cliff Moore cutting the ribbon.

We have put a lot of extra effort towards the cemetery this spring.  We purchased an aerator and aerated throughout the cemetery grounds.  The aeration will encourage the grass to grow and allow water and nutrients to get to the roots  We also fertilized and sprayed for weeds.  Parks Maintenance also reseeded many areas and we are hoping that all these efforts will help to improve the look.  It is going to take some time, but I know that we are on the right track.  We are always looking for volunteers to help us at the cemetery.  If you have a few extra hours to spare, we could use your help.

We have been working on some concept drawings for the proposed outdoor pool project at Martin Luther King Jr. Park.  We should have some designs to check out in June along with some estimated costs to construct.  My plan is to have a couple of opportunities for people to take a look at the ideas and give us their input.  Look for a press release soon.

As Tolstoy says, spring is the time for plans and projects and we certainly have quite a few.  Now that Randall Park is done, we will be looking forward to that next project in your parks.  If you have ideas of areas that need improvement, please contact me at Ken.Wilkinson@YakimaWa.gov or you can call 509 575 6020.

Ken Wilkinson,  Parks and Recreation Manager