Harman Center February 2021 Volunteer of the Month

Meet Loren! He is our Harman Center February 2021 Volunteer of the Month. Loren is from Yakima. He joined the Navy in 1972. He met his wife, Merla, while he was in the service at the Port-O-Call Servicemen’s Center in Castro Valley, CA. He has one daughter, Nina. Loren enjoys ping pong, cards, swimming, gardening, and running a real estate rental company with his wife, LMN Properties.

Loren began volunteering in 2019 as the facilitator of Ping Pong and Dominoes. He enjoys volunteering because it is no stress, good socialization, and it gets him out of the house. “I like the people and the coffee and donuts are good.” Loren calls himself an extrovert and a positive person sprinkled with some negativity at times. Come on down to the Harman Center, play a game of Ping Pong, and meet Loren as well as some of our other Harman Center Volunteer All-Stars.