August Volunteer of the Month

Our August Volunteer of the Month is Earl Barton. Earl moved to Yakima from Idaho at age 6. He serviced in the Navy and Air Force. He retired from Amaco after 14 years. His hobbies include computers, brewing beer and wine, and dancing. He has been square dancing for 33 years.

Earl started to volunteer at the Harman Center in 2000. He started out volunteering to help with the Wednesday and Friday line dancing. Earl is in charge of Wednesday Matinee Dance at the center. He also helps do whatever he can when in need of help at the center. He believes volunteering at the center is a great experience, great environment, and you get to meet great people. He states it also helps having a great wife. Jean joins Earl at all of the dances at the Center and also helps volunteer at the center too. So stop and check out Matinee Dance on Wednesdays at the Harman Center to meet Earl as well as some of our other volunteer all-stars.